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Caroline Prochnow
Charlotte Stone
Donna Bick
Kathy and Barry Hanna
Ann and Bill Bray
Bernard Henderson Jr.
Bill and Beverly Van Loon
Bill and Katie Schmitz
Bob and Mary Rising
Carol Niemi
2410 Kimbrough Court
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Dolores McGary
Doug Henderson
Dunwoody Women's Club
Ethel and Robert Hendrickson
Eugene Schuh
F.P. and M.G. Skylar
Frances Legg
Gary and Catherine Brown
Gary and Cherie Aviv
J. Scott and Barbara McDonald
Jane and Marvin Thames
Jeffrey and Carey Coghill
Jim and Mary Ann Hansen
John and Cheryl Krieck
John and Ellen Massey
Julian and Joan Black
Julie and Mike Smith
June Smith
Ken and Terri Wright
Larry and Maria Price
Lonice and Carol Barrett
Lynn and Barry Deutsch
Marc and Rosanne Keller
Mary Pfrangle
Nancy Quinn
Ralph and Pamela Griffin
Richard and Elizabeth Robinson
Richard and Peggy Browne
Robert and Linda Bryson
Robert Kurkjian
Robert Wittenstein
Russee and Gailen Rosenburg
Sally Horan
Sandra Salem
Thomas and Georgiana Hendrickson
Thomas and Jean Campbell
William and Barbara Wood
William and Rita Loventhall, III
William Freese